Washington High School Yearbooks

This source, previously unavailable online, is now being added to the database. The Washington High School Yearbook database collects the yearbooks that are available in the Local History and Genaology room of the Massillon Public Library.

Whether you’re looking for someone in particular, or just hoping to walk through memory lane, the yearbooks are here for you to do just that. While most of the yearbooks from 1907-2011 are available at the library, we have been at work scanning and adding them to Massillon Memory. They are being added to this site as they are scanned, assembled, and made digital for viewing online.

While the list of available yearbooks is rather short at the current time, additional yearbooks will become available as we continue to work on this project. Check back every so often to see what has been added. Our process is to start with the oldest and work our way up, but if there is a particular year you are interested in, you can also request for us to scan a certain year sooner. If you would like to request a certain year, fill out the form found here.